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Top 5 Must-Watch YouTube Fitness Channels

With our busy life schedule it becomes a bit tough to remain in shape. Even people cannot take much time to join gym membership or any regular fitness classes due to busy time schedule.Motivation and planned goals can lead you, where you want to be. If you are looking to train and do not have time to visit gym or any fitness class then its better to join online class or follow some of the best gym fitness instructor from all around the globe.There is a lot of information available on the internet about the fitness schedule and how to control your diet which  you can follow and this can help you to achieve the desired results.

There are multiple benefits of joining fitness classes online and one of the best benefit is flexibility,
You can start whenever you have time and wherever you are. Some of the fitness online courses are free and some of them are paid. You have to choose the best option for you as per your needs 

First you need to decide what you want to achieve. Like some only love to walk or do some stretching and some people might be looking forward to reducing belly fat. Depending upon your requirement which body part you want to target you can select the best fitness course according to that and start your journey toward your ultimate goal.
There are also some online fitness experts which can advice you to choose the best fitness course and they can also help you to prepare a well balanced diet rich with protein and other essential vitamins.
In this article we are going to share top 5 YouTube’s which can help you to prepare a fitness schedule and you can follow them to get more updates.


This channel is run by British bodybuilder Matt. He keeps his channel updated with the latest and trending videos. He has dedicated course and videos to target specific body part.

He also keeps his audience engaged by challenging them to burn specific calories in a day by following exercise he recommends.


This channel is owned by Daniel and Keli. Both of them are regarded as best in the fitness field. They generally provide weight and cardio training.

You need to watch and follow them if you interested in cardiovascular activity.

3.Fightmaster Yoga

If you are planning to practice and learn yoga postures then this channel is best for you. This channel is best for the beginners as well for the experienced ones. She will explain each and everything about every posture before you practice it.

She provides free classes and motivates others to join yoga classes.

2. Nikki Blackketter

Nikki is the best athletic personality on this globe. She shares best dieting tips and always motivates others to follow a healthy lifestyle.

1.Obese to Beast

This is the best and most famous channel on the YouTube. Even successful fitness athletes follow his channel and follow the tips and tricks from him only. This channel is run by David Glaude is a young and humble man.

He got popular when he lost 170 pounds by his healthy lifestyle and diet.

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