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How To Plan A Trip?

The word “trip” itself filled with joy and excitement. Whenever we hear this word our all senses send signals to our heart and chant the same word “Let’s Go For A Trip”. 
Most of us love travelling and visiting new places all around the world and sometimes this experience stays in our mind for lifelong and always gives us refreshing feelings whenever we think about it. 
In this article we are going to share some points which you should consider while planning a trip. However some trips do not require any planning and you are good to go with your friends.Even i like those plans moving out without any planning. 
Some special and life thrilling experience trips need a prior planning and budget.If you are planning a trip and want to get rid of your daily life routine then there are tips you need to follow. Some of them are:- 

1. Why Is Budget So Important? 

Before you jump into the conclusion of selecting your favourite destination for a trip, take budget and your expenses under consideration. 
Let me tell you that if budget is not the constraint then everyone must be on board to flight to reach their dream destination. 
Always make a brief summary of your expenses which includes mainly :- 
Travel Expenses 
Accommodation Charges 
Food Charges 
Shopping Charges 
Extra Activity Charges and many more 
You need to take care of small small things into consideration while planning to go on a trip. Always include them in your expenses and always take some extra bucks for any emergency situations. 
For example -Travelers are stranded up in different regions of countries due to corona. I know these situations are rare but the idea of mentioning is you should be well prepared for the uncertain things. 

2. Time To Choose The City 

When you are done with the budget finalisation now it’s time to choose the city where you would like to travel in the same budget. 
You need to list out the cities which fall under your budget and take out the top 3 cities out of them. Share your top picks with your traveller partner which will help you to get the best city as per the majority. 
Always keep in mind what you are looking particularly for this trip and by keeping the theme in mind select the best city. 
For Example – Nature loving guys will be preferring Norway or Canada. If you have any interest in history and tradition then India is going to be on the top of the list. 

3. Plan Your Itinerary 

After budget and choosing the destination, It’s time you should plan your itinerary. There are some steps you need to follow when you are planning your Itinerary:- 
Select Number Of Days – First thing in the planning itinerary is the number of days you are going to stay at your destination. You can decide the number of days by the activities and trips you are planning to do in particular day and vice versa. 
Set of Activities – Secondly you need to choose the activity and city trips you are planning to carry out around the city. Plan them in advance and check if online booking is done in advance or not for visiting any places or monuments. 
Choosing a Travel Agency – It’s all up to you if you do not want to take the headache of all bookings you can easily look at a travel agency online. 
Just share the budget details and city you wished to visit, they will customise a well planned trip for you. You can include and exclude any services from their plan. 

4. Make Your Packing List 

Packing things is also very important when you are planning a trip. To avoid unnecessary space you need to pack your things very smartly. There are packing hacks videos available on the internet.You can save some space if you can check them out. 
Make a list of items and apparels you are planning to take with you. You need to take in the entertainment also. You must include headphones or a smart tab or any book if you love reading during travel time. 

5. Start Saving Your Money 

What you can do meanwhile when you have already decided and booked the tickets.Start saving money so that it can be useful during the trip. 
Try to avoid unnecessary expenditure and focus on your trip. You can spend this saved money on your trip and make the right use of it. 


Before you plan a trip to anywhere try to enjoy it at its best and spend some quality time with your companion instead of your mobile. 
Try to know about the country you are going to visit and search for any local on social media to take suggestions from them. There can be some mutual friends residing over there.They can help in case of any emergency. 

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