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How To Disinfect And Clean Your Gadgets?

If someone asks you in 2020 “ What is one thing you can’t live without”. Do you know the answer?
Any guess?
Yes. You guessed it Right! “ Mobile Phone”.
Mobile phones are just not the basic necessity it is an essential part of our life now. I think we cannot even think of anything if our cell phone is not around us but have you ever imagined how many bacteria and gums does our mobile carry.In one of the researches it was claimed that mobile,laptop and desktop carries 10x bacteria than our toilet sheet.
Sounds Awful? 
We use our mobile 100 times in a day and there is a considerable number of chances that you might get affected by these bacteria. COVID -19 is already here and we have to be extra precautious when we are using our mobile phone.

Why Gadgets Cleaning Is Important?
Our phones travel with us everywhere, We do not even try to leave it when we visit our washroom. Bacteria from such places gain entry to our phone surface and ultimately to our body through your eyes,nose and mouth. Do we wash hands after using the phone? I guess not at all, Even we try to use it while having our meal.
Although we cannot eliminate these viruses and bacteria completely, one thing we can do is cleaning and disinfect our gadgets at regular intervals of time. We have to take special care when we are fighting with a pandemic like Corona to do a cleaning routine properly.
What can we do ?
The best thing to do is cleaning and disinfecting our mobile oftenly. It not just keeps your mobile away from germs but also helps you to maintain a good condition of our cell phones. 
Whenever we come back from the market we always wash our hands. Try to disinfect ourselves to avoid any chances of getting infected then why do not we follow this routine with our phones. Even they might get infected and spread infection to us.
“Precaution is always better than cure”. We should do the regular chorus to clean our phones and other gadgets in a regular interval of time.
How to Clean ?
The best way to clean is “Wiping” with 70% isopropyl alcohol. We can take a soft cotton piece of cloth and dip it with alcohol to clean the surface of your gadgets. 
We have to take extra precaution while cleaning our gadgets. Some of them are :-
Do not let moisture get into the charging port, only use a considerable amount of alcohol otherwise it can damage your phone.
You have to squeeze the cloth properly before you wipe any of your gadgets. 
Try not to do excessive wiping and avoid using toilet paper for wiping purposes. 
The best thing you can do is to check the technical manual of gadget which elaborate cleaning procedure of specific gadget. You can check this on the manufacturer website or search on YouTube to get the best idea. 
Final Advice 
Always try to make a proper schedule to clean your phones and other gadgets. Always make sure to avoid taking out your phones in unnecessary places like public table.

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