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Facebook Badges – All You Need To Know About Facebook Badges

Facebook is the number 1 platform to socialize in the real world. There are more than 2.5 billions active users on facebook every month. People love to upload their pictures and share their story on facebook timeline. This social networking platform is loved by all age groups to meet new people and share your experience with your friends.

There are many other things you can do on facebook like engaging with groups to start and discuss a conversation with group members on specific topics. You can also be a silent group member who would like to hear from other group members views on particular or topic or you can be an active ninja to post every information you have which can be useful for other group members.

As Facebook has come up with a new feature like facebook badges, Group members are now taking part more actively in the group conversation to achieve the top fan badge in the group.

Facebook badge gives recognition to the members of the group. It will also help other group members to identify how much you are participating in the group and where you stands in the group. Facebook badges motivates you to help others and actively participate in the discussion.

Its not just about active participation, there are multiple badges available which you can achieve on facebook.

In this article we are going to talk about the types of facebook badges and how to achieve top fan badge facebook:

New Member

This is like the first day of school. Users who have recently joined the group are the new members. You will remain under this badge for 2 weeks. Being a new member, you can ask any question or start a new conversation about any topic you want to.

Rising Star

This is the next step after joining a group and taking participation in the group conversation. To get this badge you need to comment, like and actively participate in the conversation.

Conversation Starter

This badge is awarded to the person who’s post gets the most likes and comments in the span of 4 weeks.

Conversation Booster

When you start preferring quality over quantity you deserve this facebook badge. This is the next badge after conversation starters in which users interact and motivate other group members to post and share their thoughts.


Greeter is the badge given the group member who is always ready to welcome other new members.

Visual Storyteller

This facebook badge is given to the member who loves to post videos and pictures in the group and the same content is liked by all group members.

Founding Member

Founding members are the members who actually started the group.


This badge is given to the member of the group who moderate the comments in the group and act as a moderator.

Group Anniversary

After a hard work it’s time to celebrate and enjoy. After a year you can celebrate this time as an anniversary of the group.

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