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Best Rise of Kingdoms Epic Commanders for Beginners

Not sure which epic commanders to start with in Rise of Kingdoms? If you are new to the game, then look no further because in this guide, I will share the best epic commanders to help you get started.

In Rise of Kingdoms, each civilizations have their own starting commanders. Later in the game, you will pick up more commanders, especially advanced, elite and legendary. However, I highly recommend sticking to epic commanders because they are easy to level up and provide the best relative power in Rise of Kingdoms.
Without further ado, here’s the top 5 best epic commanders to play in Rise of Kingdoms.

1. Baibars

One of the strongest epic commanders is Baibars. He comes with active skill which deals damage upwards to 5 targets. Plus it does slows them down, allowing Baibars to carve them down quickly and effectively.
In addition to that, he stacks well with cavalry. Which means he excels at mobility on the map. You can quickly move around with cavalry units and mow your enemies down thanks to his powerful skill.

2. Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is the most popular epic commander in Rise of Kingdoms. This is because of his active skill that does moderate amount of damage and can hit up to 5 targets. He is also a solid defender when it comes to that.
But, one of his passive skill increases the overall damage of active skill by 20%. If one of your commander is doing 1,000 damage with his active skill, then that goes up to 1,200. A decent boost from an epic commander.
Pair Sun Tzu with any active damage dealer commanders and you get a solid combo.

3. Belisarius

If you need a commander packed with speed and does a good job at killing barbarians. Belisarius is the perfect match because he excels at mobility.
Granted, he performs well when stacking cavalry and gains increased damage modifier against the barbarians. In addition to that, he also get boosted experience.
This commander is great when you want to level up quickly. Pair him with Baibars or any commanders with splash damage to group up more barbarians and down them for even more experience gain.

4. Eulji

Don’t get us wrong, Eulji Mundeok is a very decent defensive commander and can weaken your enemy’s defenses, allowing his troops to bypass most of the damage reduction.
When you max Eulji out, his infantry troops will get 15% increased attack and defense bonus. This is a big boost for a defensive commander.
Not to forget to mention that his troops also have a small chance to deal 100% damage on strike. Basically, Eulji is a wolf in sheep when defending your city.

5. Scipio Africanus

Finally, Scipio Africanus is another solid epic commander to start with in Rise of Kingdoms. Unlike other commanders above, Scipio Africanus don’t deal any damage with his active skill.
Instead he buffs his troops strength and weakens the enemy’s troops strength. Majority of his combat capabilities relies heavily on his troops’ raw power to win the battle.
One of the biggest perk for playing Scipio Africanus is that his relative power grows as you upgrade your troops from Tier 1 to Tier 2 to Tier 3 and so on.
Which means when you get Tier 5 troops, he will be even more powerful compared to other commanders because of the massive gain that he gets from strengthening his troops.


Now you know the best epic commanders to start with in Rise of Kingdoms. If you are looking for more in-depth guides and tips to help you accelerate your progression in the game. Check out the biggest Rise of Kingdoms guides on the internet for more information.

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