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Best 5 Collaboration Tools For Remote Team Management

Collaboration tools are very important and essential when you are managing teams remotely. They are quite useful and the best thing to do while managing multiple teams remotely. They will also help you to track the progress and efficiency of your teammates.

They are generally used to manage teams that are working remotely. As the Corona pandemic has hit the word, the usage of these tools has been increased. Most of the Information Technology companies are searching for the best tool to manage employees remotely

As per the WHO guideline it is better to do social distancing and advised employees to work from home. You might face many problems while working from home and it can create a lot of confusion when you are working remotely. For example, not everyone can not be in the same picture.

These remote tools and collaborative software can help you in this situation and to manage your work efficiently. These tools are really helpful to manage a team and highly recommended when you are working remotely.

Here is the list of the best 5 collaborative tools for remote working:


Slack is the best and top remote tool used worldwide. This tool acts as an instant messenger tool to communicate with team members.

You can share images, videos, URLs, and many more things on this platform. This software is available in both version mobile and desktop.

Trello is also the best management tool used by the managers; this is also the most widely used collaborative tool used nowadays. 

This software offers you a card system that you can place on the main board of your account. You can create these cards as per the number of projects and create a timeline for the same.

GitHub is widely used by the programmers and mostly used in the IT industries. You can upload your weekly or monthly reports over here and it will help your manager to check them and edit them if required. 

It becomes very easy for the manager to check these reports and track your performance. It also helps the manager to track your performance and give you a new target for next week.

This tool is used by companies that give high importance to data security. This tool is very safe as all the data is going to save on your own server. The chances of losing data are next to impossible when you are using this tool. 

Most of the MNC often use their own server so to avoid any data breach.
With this tool you can do multiple tasks in the most efficient and best way.
5. Google Docs

Google docs are the most famous tools used for remote working. This is a free tool and you can access various tools like word and excel via live doc.

Anyone with the URL of the task can access and edit the things as per permission given by the administrator. This tool is most easy to use and its really very helpful when a team working on the same excel sheet

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