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Agouti Husky : Interesting Facts About Siberian Agouti Husky

Agouti husky generally known for their discipline and friendly behaviour. You might have seen them in TV shows and movies and got attracted by this wolf-like creature. Agouti huskies are very attractive and they get your attention by their looks. They are medium sized dogs and generally known for their activeness and intelligent mind.
Sometimes they are also related with the extinct wolf of northern Asia. Huskies are considered to be strongest dogs which are generally used to pull a shed in the winters in arctic region and a cart in the summers to shift heavy loads from one place to another.
They are also given training to carry out the toughest job. There are two types of huskies one is competition show dogs and another one is who do tough jobs. 

Huskies have high endurance and high tolerance in winters. They can survive for long time even on little food. Huskies has a double layer coat that keeps them well insulated in winters. The upper top is coat is dense and undercoat is soft and warm. Huskies are tend to shed in summer so its better if you take proper care of huskies in summers.

Their color variations are due to the genes and genetics of the huskies. Just because of their looks they might confuse you with the wolf. Actually they look like wolves at first instance. Although they are clean dogs and do not require regular bath but you need to brush your husky twice a week to keep them in healthy condition.
They are notorious in nature, Generally do not sit at one place for to long. They can jump over fence, crawl under them and perform other things which can surprise you. If you are a fitness enthusiast then they can be your great companion, they can accompany while you go for a run. You can plan an fitness activity with them and i am sure that they are going to leave you sweating. They got high level of energy and endurance.
Because Agouti Huskies are loving and playful they easily get settled themselves in every situation. These dogs are social and relaxed and you would love to see them playing with your kids and family members. They are not the best watchdogs, generally do not bark and do not pay much attention to other things because they enjoy what they do.
The average life expectancy of Agouti husky is around 12-15 years. They need special health attention in summer, you need to ensure proper shade and air conditioning for them and make sure that they are not doing any physical activity during the warmest hours of the day. Somes huskies are born with bright and blue eyes which suits them and make them attractive.

Generally male husky height is around 21-23 inches and female husky height is 20-22 inches. Talking about the weight of male husky, weighs around 50-60 pounds and female husky weighs around 45-50 pounds.

Huskies are known for the patterns and variations of body colour and some of the colours are white,Piebald,grey, copper and many more.

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